20 Jan 2010

Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Late on Saturday afternoon I felt a bit odd, not well at all. I felt weak, I had some minor gastrointestinal trouble and felt feverish. On Sunday morning I felt worse and hardly got out of bed. At one point I timed my resting heart rate at over 70 bpm. My usual resting heart rate is around 46 or 47 bpm. Obviously something was wrong. Monday morning I felt better and I took the rest of the day easy although I did walk the dog in the mountain for a total of about three hours. This morning I seemed to have recovered from whatever it was that had hit me. Perhaps I should have dressed more warmly on Saturday.
This morning I took the dog out in the mountain for an hour and a half and had no trouble. I decided to try running and so around one o’clock I set out down the road to the sea. Fortunately, the temperatures had risen during the last few days. The ache and soreness of the groin muscles that had bothered me during the last week was gone. My energy level as expected was low but not as bad as I had expected.
The warm up down to Premia went well but I kept expecting to suddenly fade. The run along the Passeig Maritim went well. Running into a headwind I managed 31 minutes 10 seconds over my usual timed distance. The wind died by the time I turned back and timed myself at 29 minutes and 35 seconds on the return. At the end although I was tired I was not weary. Glad to have recovered and not lost much ground in the training.
Late in the day, using the internet, I registered and paid for my entry in the Barcelona Marathon.

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