3 Jan 2010

Friday, 11 December 2009

It is almost the middle of December and I can still run in a t-shirt. I did my usual stretching at the Fornaca from a spot where I can look out over the Mediterranean sparkling in the afternoon sunshine. A nice contrast with the conditions I ran under in Madrid earlier in the week. Today’s run took a little longer time-wise but I also covered a longer distance when compared with the previous Friday. Most of the run was over the same route, start at the Fornaca, up to la Roca d’en Toni, then to the Coll de la Gironella and onto Sant Mateu. Today I pushed a little harder the section from Coll de la Gironella to la Font de Sant Mateu—I timed this section at 34 minutes and 55seconds. I did not feel so weary as I neared Sant Mateu compared to the previous Friday. After Sant Mateu I made a change in my route. Instead of heading down to Vilassar from Can Boquet I continued down the Cabrils road to the cemetery where I turned right and dashed down the hill to finish at Can Rafart. Total time of the workout was 2 hour 5 minutes. I was a bit stiff after but not overwhelmed. My weight today was 71.5 kg.


Anonymous said...

Hi daddy!
Love youngest.

Anonymous said...

Hi HON!!!!

Love ya tons!

The wife.