3 Jan 2010

Tuesday, 8 December 2009

I was surprised by how well I ran this afternoon. It was to be a short and easy effort but I managed to run, with a little bit of walking, for just over an hour. And I had a partner, our dog Chuck. I have run with Chuck before and it does not always go well but today he was perfectly happy and caused me no trouble.
We walked and ran up to the belvedere near el Turo d’en Cases. There I stretched some more while looking out over a long section of the Maresme coast. From there we made our way to la Font de Sant Mateu—some more stretching. Then dashed down to the fork at Can Boquet but instead of heading down to Vilassar de Dalt we went up to the flats near la Roca d’en Toni. From there we took the road through the forest down to the Cabrils road. Then climbed back up to Can Boquet before flying down to Vilassar and finishing at the Cami de la Costa.
The stiffness in my legs and back that had bothered me yesterday in Madrid was gone completely. I felt strong even on the up hills and I was able to take the down hills more aggressively.

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