12 Jan 2010

Saturday, 26 December 2009

This morning’s run was disappointing. I had expected a good run despite the cool conditions and had dressed, I thought, accordingly. I had gone up to the terrace to get a feel for the weather. So there I was set to go and I stepped out into the street and it was raining. I should have gone back up and put on an extra layer but I did not. The run down hill to the beach at Premia did not bode well. My groin muscles were as sore as ever. Reasoning that the down hill made my stride longer and that I would be more comfortable once I reached the level ground along the Passaieg Maritime I persisted.
As I got closer to the sea the rain lightened and eventually stopped. From Premia I set out on my usual route toward el Masnou. I was not trying for any speed but to simply get some mileage. The water in the riera that had flooded on Thursday had gone down and I was able to run on to my turn around at the el Masnou-Mongat line—time from Premia Station 31’15’’. I did not bother to time the return since I was going into a headwind. I now suffered for not having put on an extra layer. Of course I had some extra clothing in my knap-sack but I was too stupid to take the time to put it on. The return to Premia was slow and sluggish. By the end I had had it; tired cold and wet. The groin muscles were stiffer and sorer than ever. Total time about an hour and a half

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