10 Jan 2010

Thursday, 24 December 2009

After three days off I finally got in a run. I had hoped to run on Wednesday but a number of things got in the way. It was also raining hard for most of the Wednesday. When I set off today I was hoping for a good run but was to be sorely disappointed. I felt very stiff especially in the groin area, obviously still feeling the effects of Sunday’s run. My stride felt short and jumpy and I was unable to comfortably stretch out to a longer stride. The pain brought to mind when I used to cross-country ski. (It has been many years since I have skied.) How ever much I trained at other sports prior to the cross-country ski season the groin muscles were always very sore in the first week of the season. There are muscles used for cross country skiing that get little use when running. Running with a short stride is obviously different than running with a longer stride. Last Sunday’s run when I was able to get some good speed caused some of those muscles to come into play.
Today’s run was down to the sea and then along the Passieg Maritim. I was unable to go the el Masnou-Mongat line because of flooding at one of the rieras. The mountains along the coast are drained by watercourses, known as rieras, that are dry for most of the year. When it rains hard the rieras quickly flood. Of course the rieras have to then cross the beach to reach the sea. At the beach some of the larger rieras form pools that may take a while to drain. One of these pools that is not bridged over had not drained. After turning back I ran on to Premia Club Nautic before doubling back to the bus stop. It was an hour and a half run in rainy conditions. There were very few people out on the Passeig Maritim.

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