3 Jan 2010

Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Tonight’s run was about an hour and 18 minutes long. I managed 21 laps at the Fornaca. Running laps in the dark is eventually going to get very boring but if I can get through November and December with a reasonable amount of mileage it will go well. The 21 laps took about 71 minutes, the rest of the workout consisted of the run down to Riera de Targa. It was a good run. For most of it I held, what is for me, a good fast pace and it still felt comfortable. And I was not very winded, if I had been running with a partner I could have maintained a conversation. My breathing was regular and easy. This is good, I kept thinking, as it means that I have the aerobic capacity and what I need to work on is building up the muscular endurance over the distance.

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