5 Jan 2010

Tuesday, 15 December 2009

The last thing I wanted to do this evening after work was to run in the dark. I felt tired and had little motivation for the effort. In the end I did manage a decent effort and a good run. I ran laps at the Fornaca. It was a cold and windy night. There had been some very strong winds during the last few days. After about five laps I was fairly well warmed up and was able to keep a good pace. Around the 18th lap I started to fatigue and perhaps I slowed a bit. The ground at la Fornaca is hard packed earth, a good running surface, but there are a few hollows and dips. The lighting in the area is low and produces multiple shadows and it is sometimes difficult to judge the surface.
At about the 15th lap I started to notice the cold more and more. The wind had picked up. Running against the wind was very cold. I finished 23 laps in hour and 22 minutes and to it I can add another 3 minutes for the run out to la Riera de Targa.

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