5 Jan 2010

Friday, 18 December 2009

I did my regular Friday afternoon run up on the mountain. The run was over the same route as on the previous Friday (December 11). This run was somewhat disappointing because even after two days off I ran sluggishly and felt tired. Despite the physical weariness I did the run in 121 minutes and 50 seconds compared with 125 minutes the previous week. The lower time was due to taking shorter breaks at la d’en Toni, Coll de la Gironella and at Sant Mateu. Perhaps the real measure of just how sluggish I felt was my time from Coll de la Gironella to la Font de Sant Mateu, this week timed in 37 minutes and 15 seconds, over two minutes slower than the previous week.
A few comments are necessary regarding this run. First, it was much colder this week. I ran in long pants, which always seems to slow me down, a t-shirt and two long sleeve cotton shirts. Although it was a sunny day it was quite cool in the shaded parts of my route. Without the layers I would have been very cold running into the wind. It was down right cold in the shade and north facing slope at the font de Sant Mateu. Again as I am running some relatively isolated areas I feel that I should run with some extra clothing in case of a twisted ankle. I did not carry water with me today but perhaps I should have. After Can Boquet and the long up hill toward Sant Mateu I felt very weary. The long down hill from Sant Mateu to Can Rafart was very hard on the thighs. Today I weighed in at 71.3 kgs.

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