5 Jan 2010

Sunday, 13 December 2009

I had hoped to get in a long run today but had to change my plans to accommodate circumstances. Today was referendum day in many municipalities across Catalonia and our town was in on the fun. There were lots of things going on in town but I still wanted to get in a run. So having a free hour or so between events I set off. I ran from the gates of the castle, up el Cami de la Costa, on to Can Boquet and then up to la Font de Sant Mateu. The climb from the castle to Sant Mateu is about 350 metres. It took me about a half hour to cover the distance. The return over the same route took 18 minutes and 25 seconds. Obviously, going up was a hard slog but I did not do any walking something that I had not been able to previously avoid on this particular route. The trick is not to push too hard even where the road levels off.
I felt good coming down. Relatively speaking my legs were fresh on the return. It makes a big difference on how aggresively the steep down hills can be taken. It was a cold windy day.
About 35 percent of those who were eligible voted and of those more than 95 percent opted for independence.

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