3 Jan 2010

Sunday, 29 November 2009

Today’s effort lasted approximately an hour and a half. I ran from Vilassar de Dalt down to Premia de Mar so that I could run on the Passeig Maritim along the sea. Soon after I had started I could tell that it was going to be a sluggish effort. Certainly I was still feeling the effects of Friday’s run. My thighs especially felt stiff and it took me awhile to warm up. What of it?
Again I was not planning on any speed records but rather to get some distance. I covered the same route as on the previous Sunday. From the wooden bridge at Premia de Mar train station to the wooden bridge at the el Masnou/Mongat boundary took me 30 and a half minutes. I ran into a headwind on the way out. On the return with the tailwind my time was almost the same.
The wind was not very strong, say 10 to 12 knots, but it was strong enough to build up some waves on the beach and the surfers were out in force. It was a cool day but excellent for running. A grey overcast day but lots of people were out walking, running or cycling along the sea run. It was a good day for sailing too.
The run back from el Masnou was sluggish, of course, and I found the footing along the path to be somewhat irritating. Most of the Passeig Maritim is hard packed earth with a few paved sections. I was bothered by the undulations on the hard pack. Perhaps it was due to my level of fatigue. I again ran with a small back pack but it did not bother me because I had tied the straps across my chest to keep them from riding off my shoulders. 
F.C. Barcelona and Real Madrid play each other tonight.

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