1 Mar 2010

Saturday, 6 February 2010

Despite two days off I felt as if I had not completely recovered from Wednesday night's sprints. My thighs felt a bit stiff as I set off down the long decline to Premia de Mar. Perhaps I am putting in more mileage than I can handle and that I am to some extent fatigued. Another factor is that today I was sufferring from a cold, not a bad cold, still a bothersome one.
Once I got down to the seashore I had to run into a strong cross-head wind. It was strong enough to significantly slow me down. My time from Premia station to the el Masnou-Mongat line was 30 minutes 35 seconds. That was not a good time at all.
I ran on to the Barcelona side of the rail tunnel and turned back. Timing myself on the return with the wind helping I had almost time. That seemed to confirm that I am fatigued. When I finished I was very weary and tired.
Except for the wind it was a beautiful day. The wind had a bit coolness in it but the sun gave a noticeable warmth. On Friday I weighed myself in trousers and a t-shirt at 71.00 kg. I have lost a bit of weight.

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