1 Mar 2010

Wednesday,3 February 2010

I have had two days of rest since Sunday's long run in the mountain. I had considered running on Tuesday after work but by the end of the day I was bone weary and I walked home instead. The rest was welcome and necessary.
So far I have not had any running related injuries and still continue to avoid them but yesterday I developed a problem with my left wrist. Some inflamation developed on the back of the hand. It is a work related problem no doubt. My wife insisted hat I do something about it before it got any worse. The pharmacy around the corner sold braces and I wore it all day at work. It seemed to make things better.
For my run I went up to the park with the cypress trees and did some sprinting on the sidewalk. I did eight laps and called it quits. I am not a sprinter but it was nice to do something different.
The shoes I ran in were the second pair that I bought, lightweight racing pair. The shoe were comfortable and I had no problems with them.
The whole workout including a warm up from the Fornaca took about 40 minutes.

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