17 Feb 2010

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

It had been a gray, heavily overcast, day with a steady rain for most of it. By the time I set out to run, just after work, the rain had stopped. With the rain had come some warmer temperatures and I was able to run comfortably in a t-shirt with a long sleeve shirt over top and shorts.
I set off for Premia de Mar and was at the rail station in about 18 minutes. I timed the run from Premia station to the el Masnou-Mongat line. There was a slight head wind and I did not really push the first part. Besides, in some places the Passeig Maritim was very muddy making the footing a bit problematic. By the time I had reached Ocata, and the better surfaces, I was getting some good speed. I did have to watch my footing and slow down when I crossed the riera just beyond the el Masnou harbour. I had very good speed on the last section over the paving stones. My time was, however, disappointing at 29 minutes 35 seconds. The slow pace at the start and having to dodge puddles had something to do to the time.
I ran on to the rail tunnel just beyond the Mongat Nord station. I did a bit of stretching and back I went. The return was better than usual although I was tiring noticeably in the last half of the return. Also I had some trouble in the dark judging the ground and avoiding the puddles was even harder. Despite that I seemed to be able to maintain a better usual average speed. I was tired and achy in the hips but not so bad as some of the runs over the same distance of a month or so ago.

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