7 Feb 2010

Sunday, 17 January 2010

I felt sufficiently recovered from yesterday's run to try again today. In the morning I had a leisurely walk with the dog. We, or rather I, spotted a pheasant in the tall grass. I had to draw the dog's attention to the it by throwing dog biscuits toward the bird. The dog found the biscuit but head down it failed to see the bird ten feet from it. The bird finally lost its nerve and flew up and away. It was a hunting day and the pheasant flew down toward the town and with the hope of surviving the day.
In the afternoon I felt ready for another run and I wanted to run in the mountain. At about half past two I set off in a slight drizzle. A low cloud covered the mountain from an elevation of 300 metres so that the whole ridge was covered in fog.
I went up the back way via the Turo d'en Cases to the Font de Sant Mateu. The road was quite muddy in places but the footing was never a problem. I timed myself from Sant Mateu to el Coll de la Gironella. Normally, I had run this distance in the other direction and theorectically I should have been faster today. This is because Sant Mateu is at a higher elevation than the Coll de la Gironella. My time was 34 minutes 35 seconds. The best that I had done in the other direction has been 34 minutes 55 seconds.
I ran with what I that was a good pace and did not push myself. The rain and fog gave me some trouble by fogging up my glasses and in a few places I had to be careful of my footing. So that slowed me up a bit. I finished the run by returning to Can Boquet and down to town by the Cami de la Costa. Total run was about one hour and 45 minutes.

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