24 Jan 2010

Saturday, 2 January 2010

It has been more than two weeks since I had last run on the mountain and today seemed like a good day to go back. I thought that it would be worthwhile to run on the varied terrain. There is an element of Fartlek training running up and then down hill. The steep slopes are good for building and maintaining muscular strength. Mentally, I find running on the mountain much easier than on the beach.
Around three o'clock I set off from Vilassar de Dalt. I took what I call the back way up via the Turo d'en Cases. The route covers some very steep roads and trails. It is a route that I have often done with the dog. Much of this first part of the route is so steep that I walk most of the way to Turo d'en Cases. Near the turo there is a lookout with a fine view of the Maresme coast. While looking out over the sea I do some stretching.
From Turo d'en Cases it is only a few minutes to la Font de Sant Mateu where again I take a short break and stretch again.
The weather today was overcast and cool. I ran in a long sleeve shirt over a t-shirt but had a heavy cotton pullover with hood tied round my waist. I ran in trousers. I was not looking for speed and I wanted to make sure that I stayed warm so at Sant Mateu I put on the pullover.
From la Font de Sant Mateu I headed down to Can Boquet, then up hill to la Roca d'en Toni pushing on to la Coll de la Gironella without stopping. I felt quite comfortable and relaxed running. At la Coll de la Gironella I stretched before heading back. Back to Can Boquet, then down the Cabrils road to finish at Can Rafart and Riera de Targa.
My legs felt tired but I was not hurting like I had on other occasions on this long downhill. I was out about an hour and 55 minutes.

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