3 Jan 2010

Friday, 4 December 2009

Today I ran over the same route as on the previous Friday (27 November). From the start I felt sluggish, my legs a bit heavy, and I am not sure why. It seemed actually easier to run up hill rather than downhill. The section of the run from Coll de la Gironella to la Font de Sant Mateu was odd. I had the feeling that I was running better than the previous week and I timed it at 36 minutes 40 seconds. I was under the impression that on 27 November I had run the same section in 40 minutes or so. In fact my previous time was also about 36 minutes. Perhaps I had made a mistake with the watch. By the time I reached Sant Mateu I felt very tired, the legs feeling leaden. I considered taking the long way down to Vilassar de Dalt and finishing at Can Rafart. When I reached the fork at Can Bouquet I elected to take the short way down via Cami de la Costa. And glad I was to end it sooner because the last part of the run, all downhill, was awful. I was wiped, my legs felt very heavy. The effort of running down a steep hill is like a strength workout.
Total time of the workout was 121 minutes, including the stops and pauses to stretch. It was a grey overcast day, somewhat cool, and I ran in a t-shirt with a long sleeve cotton shirt overtop. I ran with my small backpack and carried a bit of water. When I reached the flats near la Roca d’en Toni I could see a dark sky over to the west and I thought that I might get caught in some rain. It did not rain and later in the workout a weak sun came through the cloud cover. Along a section of the road near the Turo d’en Torres it was possible to see Tibidabo, Montserrat and Tagamanent. It was a fine sight. With the cooler temperatures the air is clearer and visibility greater.

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