14 Mar 2010

Saturday, 20 February 2010

The more I think of today's run the frustrated I feel. I had hoped to put in an extra long run, the last one prior to the marathon, of say two and a half hours but it was not to happen. It was cool and sunny morning when I set off  full of expectations. Frankly, I expected a problem before I even got to the beach. The problem was chaffing between my legs caused by my shorts. I had forgotten to apply vasoline before setting out. I was running in my heavier pair of black shorts. I have often run with these shorts without a problem but today was somehow different. By the time I had reached Badalona it was quite painful. I stopped running at the Badalona marina. I walked on to the railway station where I took the streetcar into Barcelona. I then took the bus from Placa de Catalunya to Vilassar. It was all very frustrating and only two weeks to go to the marathon.

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