26 Jan 2010

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

I had put off running until today and was glad that I had done so. The weather on Tuesday was miserable, very windy and wet. Today was a much more pleasant day. Just before noon I set off down to Premia de Mar. It was a sunny day and as I neared the sea the temperature grew warmer. Oddly I was nervous before today's run as if I was about to run or row a race. Running into a headwind I timed myself from Premia station to the el Masnou-Mongat line 28 minutes 5 seconds. It would have been faster if I had not had to stop to tie a shoe lace. I felt strong and comfortable during the effort. After the piece I ran on to the railway tunnel beyond the Mongat Nord train station. I was tired after the run but I seem to be getting fitter as I did not feel as weary as after some of my runs of a month earlier.

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