3 Jan 2010

Tuesday, 24 November 2009

This evening’s run consisted of 22 laps at the Fornaca. The laps took about 77 minutes. With the run out to the Riera de Targa the total time for the workout was 80 minutes. I think that my time at 11 laps was 38 minutes. Obviously, I am not timing myself down to the second. There is no need for that especially if my runs are meant only to increase my mileage. Most of the run felt fine but around the 18th lap I it was a bit sluggish. That soon passed. However, I was tired at the end of the run. I am feeling lighter on my feet. While the footing at the Fornaca is good there are some dips and hollows in the hard packed surface which does affect the rhythm sometimes especially as I tire. The turn opposite the football stadium is a little awkward as I have to change direction quickly. At the other end of the lap I run round the skylights over the ovens without losing my pace.

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