3 Jan 2010

Sunday, 8 November 2009

This morning I ran from Vilassar de Dalt down to the beach at Premia de Mar. The run starts at home at about an elevation of about 120 metres and about 3 kilometres from the sea. I take it easy on the first part and use it as a warm up. It takes just over 21 minutes to reach the beach. Then I run the footpath along the sea, el Passeig Maritim, to just past the train station at Ocata. There I turn and head back to Premia. I cannot face the run back uphill so I have timed my run so that I can take the bus back up to Vilassar. The whole run takes 60 minutes. I seem to feel this run more than Friday’s. Probably I had not really recovered from Friday’s effort. My pelvis just below the hip bones felt very sore. The inside of my legs suffered from abrasion and I will need to use Vaseline in the future. I ran with a small back pack containing a change of clothes. The pack weighs I estimate about three pounds. Perhaps the weight of the pack makes a difference. It does seem to eventually tire the lower back. The footing along the Passeig Maritim is good, hard packed sand and pea gravel. Although there are lots of people out walking, running and biking it is a pleasant palce to run.

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